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I had a chance to really look over the rod when I got home. All I can say is that you did a most excellent job in putting this project together for me. The components used, and detail in the execution of the final product, really shows your commitment to do a quality job. I look forward in using this rod on my vacation to the Valle Vidal this August. I'll get photos of the rod in action to send to you. I'm looking forward to getting with you sometime in September and going over the details of the next project.

Thanks, Kermit

Hi Jim,

What a surprise when I received the rod in the mail the other day. It is such a beautiful piece of workmanship. I did some test casting with it today and want you to know I was truly amazed with the great performance. I have used many saltwater fly rods through the years, but have not experienced a medium-fast action rod that can cast as far while maintaining tight loops when punching heavy saltwater flies into the wind. Beginner saltwater fly fishers as well as experienced anglers will find this a very forgiving rod for casting skills of all levels. It appears your design of two stripping guides in addition to well spaced guides make for maximum line shooting and distance. I think you have it very reasonably priced when compared to other rods on the market not having nearly the same quality components, craftsmanship and performance characteristics. Please be assured that I will be proud to demonstrate this fine piece of equipment to local outfitters, guides, friends and prospective clients.

Best Regards,
Capt. George Tuthill

Dear Jim,

Just wanted to contact you and again thank you for the fine fly rod that you so graciously built in a very short time for a good friend of mine. As you know Jay had just been diagnosed with cancer and had to undergo immediate surgery. I had called around and talked to a couple of other rod builders but none of them could get me a rod built for Jay in a short period of time. Then a friend suggested that I contact you about building a rod for Jay. He told me that your rods were second to none and that you had an absolute love of fly fishing which carried over into the craftsmanship of your rods. In short he said your rods are world class.

Well Jim, after receiving Jay's rod from you I just had to cast it myself before I gave it to Jay. I can honestly say that your rods are everything that my friend said they were and more. As you know Jay is a hard-core traditional archer and he was very impressed with the antler reel seat which you so meticulously blended into the rod butt. The inlaid grouse feathers which you embedded into the rod to look like arrowheads have almost made the rod too beautiful to take out of the case and take fishing! This rod I hope will get Jay out into trout country and I hope add a spark to his healing process.

I did not know this, but Jay lost his Dad to cancer not too many years ago and he left his own personal fly rod and reel to Jay. Well, after receiving your rod Jay called me last week and told me he had installed his Dad's reel onto your rod. Good medicine, huh Jim.

Thanks again for your compassion and awesome fly rod Jim! Looking forward to sneaking up on some of those Pecos natives with you. I will be contacting you about another rod for me, very soon."

Your friend B. W.

Hi Jim,

I wanted an hour to sit down with your tackle and look it over closely and without any distractions. Finally, Friday afternoon, I’ve got that time.

Jim, these rods are very well made. Whether or not it seems important enough to warrant the status, my highest specific compliment is your “fit.” I mean this in two senses. The components you’ve selected for each rod achieve an aesthetic unity that convinces me you’ve really thought about which parts to select relative to each other and to the blank and thread wrap colors. Further, and of equal import, the metal to cork fit transitioning from the reel seat to the grip and the grip to the winding check is essentially flawless on all your rods – you have achieved consistency in your craftsmanship even as there is variety in your component choices. Your wraps are tight, your finish is smooth and transitions neatly to the blank. The metal components are highly polished. The guides are set true down the length of each blank. All the care that is clearly evident in your finished rods to a nit picky observer like myself lends supreme confidence to your clients that each rod is also internally sound. In other words, from the attention with which you fit the components, wrap the rods, and finish the rods, I can sense the care you put into each as a functional art object and I am certain that the quality of the internal glue joints matches that of the visible workmanship. These are rods that you can take real pride in as the maker and that means that your clients will treasure them on the stream. As long as you continue to make rods of this quality, you have certainly earned my endorsement.

I’m really pleased to have had the opportunity to look over your work Jim. Great stuff!

My very best!

Russ Gooding
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