A Guide To Tree Roots And Sewer Lines

Tree roots are a major problem in a home's main sewer drain, but there are some misunderstandings about how the problem occurs and the best ways to solve it. How Roots Invade Although sewer pipes should ideally be sealed tightly against any leaks, the nature of their installation does result in some faults. Moisture can escape the pipe in small amounts, or simple condensation due to the warmer fluids inside the pipe can cause dampness in the environs of the pipe. Read More 

Less-Talked-About Reasons To Install A Home Water Filtration System

The most common reason people install a home water filtration system is, of course, to have clean drinking water without having to spend money on bottled water at the store. Indeed, this is a great reason to install a water filtration unit. Tap water, sadly, is not as clean or pure as you might hope! However, there are a lot of other good reasons to install a water filter. If you're on the fence as to whether or not a water filtration system is worth installing, these other benefits may help you make your decision. Read More 

As A New Homeowner, Learn Ways The Plumber Can Help

When you buy your own home, you won't be calling your landlord anymore when things happen around the house. This means you want to make sure you know who to call for assistance and when to call them. One of the types of services that you should know about when you own a home is plumbing. By better-familiarizing yourself with some of the different types of services a plumber offers, you'll know when they are the ones you can or should call when you need certain things done around the home or when you have certain problems going on. Read More 

2 Things To Do To Get Your Plumbing Ready For Winter

You don't want to have frozen pipes in the winter. At best, it's an annoyance. At worst, the pipes can end up bursting, and you can end up with water all over your house and thousands of dollars in repairs. The solution to that is to do what you can to winterize your plumbing so that you can avoid the dreaded frozen pipes. So, what are some things that you can do to winterize everything? Read More 

Subtle Signs Of Septic Trouble

People often assume that if their septic tank malfunctions, they'll know it. And many times, this is true. Your toilets may overflow, or there may be puddles of sewage in the yard. But septic tanks can also be sneaky. Sometimes, they may whisper — not yell — when telling you they're in trouble. If you have noticed any of the following issues, don't ignore them. Call a septic professional to check things out because that's probably what your septic tank is quietly asking you to do. Read More